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Prayer Ministry

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Through our reading and studying of the Bible we hear God speak to us today, telling us about himself, how we are able to receive eternal life now through his Son Jesus, and how he wants us to live our lives.

Prayer is part of our response to that, and even though our heavenly Father knows what we are going to say before we do, nevertheless he delights to hear us talk to him and to praise him and to present our requests to him; just as any parent does with their own children.

And it is through these two aspects that we keep our relationship with our heavenly Father alive and growing, and so we encourage all our members to be faithful not only in Bible study but also in prayer.

Whilst a number of our members make their own arrangements to meet and pray together, as a Church we have a number of opportunities to come together and to pray, for one another, our villages, and the world.


After a Service …

After a service the person leading the service is available to pray with you. Please do introduce yourself to them and let them know what it is that you would like prayer for, and they can pray with you there and then if appropriate.


Prayer Breakfast …

Every Saturday morning a group meet to pray from 8:00am until 9:00am, and we then enjoy fellowship over a simple breakfast of cereals and toast.


Share & Prayer Group …

This group is made up of people from our own 5 churches as well as the other village churches in our area. They meet on the first Monday evening of each month to share news and to join together in prayer. This group does move around so please do use our calendar, to find out where they are meeting.


If you would like us to pray for you or for someone you know then please do fill in the form below with the details which will be emailed to us.

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