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Review Of 2015

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Our Annual Church Meeting was held on Sunday 24th April 2016. You can access the Reports and the Minutes by clicking the links below:

A lot has happened in this past 5 years since Richard was licensed as Priest-in-Charge of our five churches in May 2011.

The key priorities during this year have been:

  • To build on the successes of last year;
  • To continue encouraging children and families to come to church;
  • To continue implementing the 5 year plan for growing our churches, both spiritually and numerically;
    The focus in 2015 has continued to be on evangelism and discipleship;
  • To increase the Biblical literacy of the congregations and the prayer life of the churches.

Below are some selected highlights from the year.

Evangelism — Community

  • Our version of “Messy Church” — Church With a Difference at Gotham — continues to be well attended by many non-Church folk.
  • St George’s Day parade at Barton.
  • Web site and Facebook page for the 453 Churches continue to be visited regularly by people from all over the world.
  • The web site is now mobile friendly.
  • Henry Olonga came for a cricket match and an “Evening with …” where he was interviewed by Colin Slater of BBC Radio Nottingham.
  • Thrumpton held a Spring Event.
  • Ratcliffe held a World War One presentation.
  • Church open for refreshments prior to Carols in the Square organised by Gotham Parish Council.
  • Murder Mystery play at Gotham.
  • Barton concert with the Tuesday Occasionals singing music written in Barton.
  • Nativity event at Gotham.

Sunday Services

  • Our sermon series this year have been on Habakkuk, Titus, and Philippians.
  • Carole Edis and Sylvia Cutts continue to lead services at Barton.
  • The bells at Gotham have had quite a bit of work thanks to John Edmonds and Peter Hawcock, and they are now rung once a month.
  • Mothering Sunday “Church with a Difference” continues to be well attended by a large number of non-Church folk, as well as being supported by Co-op Funeral Directors in East Leake.
  • Had a Father’s Day celebration service for the first time.
  • Neil Stewart from Ruddington has been gaining preaching experience.
  • Carol Services at all 5 churches.
  • Barton, Kingston and Gotham each held a DIY Christingle Service.
  • New banners purchased for Gotham.

Children & Youth Ministry

  • Rachel Jones appointed as YfC Key Worker at East Leake Academy to replace Amy Davey.
  • Open the Book continues going into Gotham School once a fortnight with a team from across the 5 churches.
  • Had 3 Thanksgiving services for children.
  • Children’s concert at Gotham showing off local talent and raising £358 for Compassion UK with 31 children performing.
  • Gotham Primary School visits to church.
  • Rebecca and Sophie confirmed.
  • Val asked to go into Gotham Primary School to talk to the children about Christianity.

Pastoral Care — Church Family

  • People from across the 453 churches attended the Keswick Convention.
  • Funerals of John Pank, Ivan Powdrill and Brian Head-Rapson.
  • Thanks to a very generous donation of £20,000 Gotham have been able to pay off all the loans that were outstanding from the re-ordering and begin to build up reserves again.
  • New folding tables at Gotham.

Small Groups

  • Our Bible study groups have looked at Course of Your Life, Mark, Live & Grow & Know studies, 2 Timothy, Soul course, Fruitfulness on the Frontline, James.
  • 19 ladies attended the Northern Women’s Convention — an increase on 18 from last year.


  • Moses from South Africa visited our churches.
  • Testimonies of Pam Wisher, Val Hopkins, Richard & Peter Inskeep on the website.
  • Love Russia have a regular page in Messenger.
  • 380 Shoeboxes collected.
  • Carols in the Square held in Gotham church was a great success.

This is not everything that has been done, but it gives you an idea of what we’ve been up to!

Whilst we will continue to build on these and to continue to implement the 5 year plan, in 2016 and into 2017 our major project will be looking at the pros and cons for a number of options as to how we might be organised and administered as a group of 5 churches.

We have created a Reorganisation Booklet (352 kb) which details the different options. The PCCs will look at the initial responses and comments later on in the year, but everyone will have an opportunity to discuss all the options.

Another exciting year lies ahead of us!